Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing Honorable Mention: Jacks Peak County Park {Catch-Up}

Honorable Mention in Writing contest deadline of February 15, 2012

Pristine Stand of Pinus Radiata
Perched at the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula, Jacks Peak County Park offers sweeping vistas from Moss Landing to Carmel, fossils from the Miocene, and one of the last remaining natural stands of Monterey pines in the continental United States. The Skyline Nature Trail, at less than a mile, is a nice way to stretch your legs and get a glimpse at the local flora. But for the more ambitious choose a longer trail, grab your camera, fill a water bottle, and take a Claritin because if you hit the trails on a windy day, you will leave dusted with yellow pollen from those towering pines.

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