Monday, July 16, 2012

Eating My Words

My parents love to cruise - as in they enjoy embarking on a week-long, or more, voyage on a cruise ship to visit multiple ports of call. I, on the polar end of that "love to cruise" spectrum, did not inherit that gene. So, after my parents took me to the Caribbean when I graduated from Cal, I swore off cruises. They enticed me back for cruise number two to the Western Caribbean when Riley was just three-years-old and Dylan was just shy of two years old with stops that promised good SCUBA diving. Sadly, we spent the entire week shipbound, trying to outrun a hurricane which dashed all dreams of tropical reefs of Roatan and Belize. That ship, the Norwegian Dream, I dubbed the Norwegian Nightmare and, once again, swore to never set foot on another cruise ship.

Fast forward almost seven years. My parents invited us on a cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage to celebrate their 40th anniversary and Riley's - belated - 10th birthday. So, here we are...with me eating my words.

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