Monday, July 30, 2012

Trazzler Honorable Mention: Fremont Peak State Park {Catch-Up}

I began submitting images to earlier in the year - for their weekly photo contests - and thought I should play catch-up and let you know how I've been doing. This image received an honorable mention...

Fremont Peak, San Juan Bautista, California
( deadline of February 1, 2012) 
A drive up to Fremont Peak State Park feels other-worldly. On many of the trails you look down on the clouds that muffle the noise of the roads below. It feels peaceful, serene, and remote despite the relative ease of your journey there. On certain nights, there are guided star-gazing tours led by knowledgeable volunteers. And you really feel like you're in heaven then, with the stars seemingly right at your fingertips.

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