Monday, July 30, 2012

Photography Honorable Mention: Garrapata State Park {Catch-Up}

Who Needs Video Games? deadline of March 7, 2012

Too many kids sit inside. Maybe reading a book, but more than likely, parked in front of a television or in front of some gadget that begins with an 'i'. Too many kids need toys. Now I am not saying that my kids don't have toys or that we don't have a television, but - really? - who needs those when you have the outdoors, great weather, and vibrant imaginations. I took the boys down the coast to Garrapata State Beach because it's on the closure list for July of this year. Truly sad. We stayed for hours, digging in the sand, skipping rocks, and - like Indiana Jones - using beached macrocystis stipes as whips. What fun!

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