Monday, June 11, 2012

Kid Stuff at 1650 Gallery {Catch-Up}

Since I am just getting this going - an online portfolio of sorts - forgive me while I play catch up on photos and writing that have been published in the past few years.

In June 2011, a juried photo exhibit opened at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles; it was titled Kid Stuff  - click here for all of the selected images - and featured two of my photos. Both were taken during our Spring Break 2011 trip to the snow with the Novaks.

We bundled up the kids and headed up the hill to a golf course blanketed in a fresh layer of powder from the previous day's storm. Riley was so excited to play in the snow, he just launched himself into it. Bliss.
~ Arnold, California. March 2011

We arrived at the resort to complete darkness. The power had been knocked out by a storm and they weren't allowing anyone to check-in. "I'm sorry, we just drove 4 hours to get here and have 4 anxious kids in the car. Please let us check-in and we'll rough it." They did. And we did. We did skits by flashlight and played games by candlelight.
~ Arnold, California. March 2011

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