Monday, August 25, 2014

At the Pop-Up Breakfast - Scotts Valley Farmers Market

Most of the time, my story-telling is with a pen and a lens. On rare occasion, I get a chance to "relax" and just do one or the other. Maybe it's an interview where the interviewee is providing the photos or a photo essay where I don't have to bother taking notes to write a piece later.

This weekend, I was invited up to the Pop-Up Breakfast at the Scotts Valley Famers' Market. And I just had to shoot some photos. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

In the Market
This was one of the most photogenic farmers' markets I've encountered. Absolutely stunning.

In the Kitchen
What a truly delightful breakfast, prepared by Chef Heidi Schletch, of Feel Good Foods and Plumline Farm, and her team dazzled us with dishes cooked with produce and goods from the market purveyors. It was amazing.

In the Dining Room
I love that diners bring their own plates and utensils. The eclectic napkins, mugs, and glasses are festive and fun.

On the Plates
Beautiful food just tastes better, doesn't it?!? This definitely fits the bill.

Just for Fun
Not for the assignment - for sure - just for me! It was a great date with my mixing work and kid-free fun.

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